Book chapters

  1. Communication architectures and technologies for advanced Smart Grid Services
    F. Lemercier, G. Habault, G. Z. Papadopoulos, P. Maille, P. Chatzimisios and N. Montavont.
    In Transportation and Power Grid in Smart Cities: Communication Networks and Services, Wiley, November, 2018. 
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Journals and Magazines

  1. Monitoring Traffic Optimization in Smart Grid
    G. Habault, M. LeFrancois, F. Lemercier, N. Montavont, P. Chatzimisios and G. Z. Papadopoulos.
    In ΙΕΕΕ Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 13, pp. 3246-3255, August 2017.  
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International Conferences and Workshops

  1. Influence of Communication Technologies in Smart Grid Power Congestion Management
    Adrien Gougeon, François Lemercier, Anne Blavette, Anne-Cécile Orgerie
    In GreenCom-2022-18th IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications, 2022, Espoo, Finland, August 22-25, 2022. Best Paper Award   ( PDF | BibTex ) 
  2. Modeling the End-to-End Energy Consumption of a Nation-Wide Smart Metering Infrastructure
    Adrien Gougeon, François Lemercier, Anne Blavette, Anne-Cécile Orgerie
    In IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications – 27th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, ISCC 2022, Rhodes Island, Greece, June-July 30-3, 2022.   ( PDF | BibTex ) 
  3. Performance Evaluation of a RPL Hybrid Objective Function for the Smart Grid Network
    Francois Lemercier and Nicolas Montavont.
    In Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks – 17th International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless, ADHOC-NOW 2018, Saint-Malo, France, September 5-7, 2018, Proceedings. 2018, pp. 27–38.   ( PDF | BibTex ) 

  4. A New Objective Function for Hybrid Network in the Smart Grid
    Francois Lemercier, Nicolas Montavont, Laurent Toutain, and Philippe Chiummiento.
    In:19th IEEE International Symposium on “A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks”, WoWMoM 2018, Chania, Greece, June 12-15, 2018. 2018, pp. 14–16.   ( PDF | BibTex ) 

  5. Support for hybrid network in RPL
    Francois Lemercier, Nicolas Montavont, Laurent Toutain, KumaranVijayasankar, Ramanuja Vedantham and Philippe Chiummiento.
    In: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, SmartGridComm 2016, Sydney, Australia, November 6-9, 2016 . 2016, pp. 527–532.  
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  • “Performance Evaluation of a RPL Hybrid Objective Function for The Smart Grid Network”
    Francois Lemercier, Poster presentation.
    In IEEE WoWMoM 2018 International Conference, Chania, Greece, June 2018.

  • “Support For Hybrid Network”
    Francois Lemercier, Poster presentation.
    In RESCOM 2016 Summer School, Guidel Plage, France, June 2016.

Demo papers

  • “Co-Simulation of Power Systems and Computing Systems using the FMI Standard”
    A.Gougeon, B. Camus, F.Lemercier, M.Quinson, A.Blavette, A-C.Orgerie, Demo paper.
    In IEEE IM 2021 International Conference, Bordeaux, France, May 2021.


  • Multiple Interface Management in Smart Grid Networks
    Francois Lemercier
    Ph.D. Thesis – IMT Atlantique, November 2018.
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  • Abstract: The power grid is undergoing a tremendous evolution, toward what is called the Smart Grid. The necessity of incorporate renewable energy sources in the grid, the decentralized productions, the increasing of consumption, etc. are some of the challenges in an energy network where sustainability, security and affordability are required. The grid is actually evolving from a centralized architecture to a decentralized one, taking into account all the unpredictable sources and consumption an energy network should handle in the future.

    The Advanced Metering Infrastructure is the network dedicated to the Smart Grid that allows two-ways communications between the consumers and the energy providers. Consumers are linked to the AMI with meters having advanced communication and computing technologies: the Smart Meter. Today Smart Meters are often equipped with multiple communication interfaces but only one is used for principal Smart Grid communication, the other one having a dedicated function (such as firmware update, etc.).

    The Smart Meters network is commonly based on Power Line Communications, a technology that is subject to high sensitivity to interference. Despite a dedicated MAC protocol, such as P1901.2, that could face the high variation of the available bandwidth, this technology does not allow to fulfill the requirements of all smart grid applications (i.e. the 99.99% reading rate). Alternative communications technologies exist to tackle the issues of PLC, such as wireless or fiber optic, but using one of those technologies does not appears to be a long term solution. Consequently, mixing multiple heterogeneous technologies allow to cope with all scenarios and interference levels.

    Most of the technologies considered for smart meters network are short range, nodes cannot reach the concentrator directly. Consequently, nodes must collaborate using a dedicated routing protocol, to reach a destination that is multiple hops away. RPL is the most popular routing protocol in the IoT community, and specifically designed to operate on Low Power and Lossy networks. But it is mostly used in homogeneous networks with single communication devices.

    The goal of this thesis is to adapt RPL as it could work with multiple interfaces, and study how the heterogeneity of the interfaces could increase the reliability and the performance of smart meter networks.

    To this end, we propose a new framework to extend RPL by managing multiple heterogeneous interfaces and we introduce three original solutions which are the Parent Oriented, the Interface Oriented and the Multiple Instances. We propose a new re-transmission mechanism that benefits from the multiple interfaces as well.

    Finally, we implemented our solutions in both simulation and hardware environment to validate and compare each one with realistic conditions.
    • Keywords: Routing, SmartGrid, RPL, IoT, PLC, 802.15.4, Heterogeneous Networks, Hybrid Routing, IPv6, 6LoWPAN
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